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scriptaGulous Issue: Naming conflict with CF tag counterparts

Name: Naming conflict with CF tag counterparts
ID: 1
Project: scriptaGulous
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Timothy Farrar
Created: 06/04/07 5:13 PM
Updated: 06/15/07 9:17 AM
Description: The one problem that I can initially see with this library, is that all the functions are named exactly the same as their cf tag counterparts. If adobe says to add these functions to script in the future, people using your library will get errors because they have udf's using the same name as a built in coldfusion function. What you might want to try is what I was taught and that is to start all your function names that could eventually conflict with an _. so instead of
cfGrid(), it would be _cfGrid().

Great concept though, and thanks

Timothy Farrar
History: Created by timothyfarrar@sosensible.com (Timothy Farrar) : 06/04/07 5:13 PM

Comment by slarbi (Sammy Larbi) : 06/07/07 11:10 AM

This was done for two main reasons:
1) avoid any potential conflicts with functions named without the cf
2) make memorization simple, since the tag names correlate with the function names.

That said, I do see your point in porting code from one version to another. In fact, I considered using the _ convention. I'll take it under advisement and ponder it for a couple of days.

Comment by slarbi (Sammy Larbi) : 06/15/07 9:17 AM
Based on comments from CF team member, I think this isn't really anything to worry about. You can see some public discussion at http://www.codeodor.com/index.cfm/2007/6/7/What-are-the-odds-Adobe-breaks-the-CF-functions-naming-convention/1309

If you still have qualms about the naming convention, please let me know what they may be.

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